[To Update Later]


Life is not what I thought it would be. I have not pursued my goals with persistence and desire. I have not continued with acting, I have not been performing improv. I let my focus remain on working -- doing well at work and then relaxing when I'm at home.

This is not progress.

Relaxing, watching TV, over-eating...

I let my weight sky rocket out of control. I'm not obese by any means but I am overweight and close to the border. Some of my clothes no longer fit and instead of exercising I do other things to distract me. Hulu, Netflix, HBOGO... if there's nothing on one, there's always something on another... it's like an addiction. To food, to weed, to pleasure.

I'm reaching a point where I want to make a decision. Which goals will I pursue? Which goals will I abandon? Animation, Writing, Cello, Vocals, Acting, Japanese Language and Culture.

Writing and Japanese are a must. I'm not sure about the cello, animation, vocals, acting. I was extremely under the influence a few weeks ago and couldn't help but dance.

I have grown to love working for my Dad but it will only be part of my life -- not all of it; not half of it but part of it. The rest will be me fulfilling my passions. Passions that definitely include travel and writing while experiencing other parts of the world.

Lately I've been thinking about if I had kept playing the cello after high school, instead of thinking I'd never play again, I would have been playing the cello for almost ten years now. Playing with emotion and playing well takes a lot of dedicated work. I haven't developed that yet. I can teach myself to play the cello for $36 a month. Deal.

So... we have WRITING (Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Mystery -- Poetry/Lyrics), Japanese Language and Culture, Cello and Vocals (Learning to play different pieces and then developing my own pieces), Animation/Digital Cinema (claymation shorts). Slowly incorporating everything daily.

8:46 a.m.