[Hello, old friend.]


I've been living in Japan for the past three months. I'm starting to enjoy my life here. At least, until summer comes. I've heard summer in Kyoto is horrible and I've already experienced the horrible tiger mosquitoes...

Until the worst weather I'll have experienced to date arrives, I'm going to enjoy the winter turning into spring weather that we're currently experiencing. I'm enjoying my classes, although I enjoy them more when I've studied and prepared adequately for class.

My partner and I are on this wild adventure where we are learning one of the most difficult languages, a life long journey of sorts. I'm doing well so far, and I expect to continue to do my best as final exams draw near. I'm recognizing things that will help me build upon my learning to help me achieve the goals I want to achieve. I'm in the first beginning level and I want to move to the first intermediate level next semester, so I have to get an overall score of 80% across all of my exams. My midterms were 40% of my grade and I did well on that so I'm optimistic about finals (provided I continue studying, or better yet -- study even more than I have been!).

Activities with friends definitely helps to drown out the monotony of being in school five days a week. One of my friends had to leave the school term early and I'm not sure if there will be another person this term that I will feel as close to... add to that the fact that a lot of people won't be staying as long as we are staying... well, people talk about transient relationships here in Japan and I'm definitely feeling that sentiment. I've met a few great people, though, so I'm happy at the moment. And hopefully next semester there will be more people that I find I can connect with.

That's all for now. It's been a while and I just wanted to say hello.

5:49 p.m.