I work Monday through Friday, 8:30-5, and I don't know when this assignment will end.

I just had my first audition. If this doesn't work out (I'll find out on Thursday!), then I'll find something else to audition for. Or, I might wait until after I go on vacation in July to audition for something again.

I'd like to make a painting for a friend's housewarming party. I'd use the two canvas' I have and make a double portrait.

I'd like to complete a song in FL Studio. Something that I can then use to create a short animation project. Meanwhile, I am also constantly thinking of animation story ideas for the longer animation project I will eventually do. I can't really imagine starting it before September. -- Make the music -- create the animation video for it (maybe flash?) -- create the longer story line animation project.

Improv continues on Thursday nights. I'm part of a group and we have not yet performed in front of an audience.

That's about it for my life right now. Managing my relationships as best I can. People can be incredibly unpredictable. And yet, not so unpredictable.

Seeing bf after I go to a party tonight. Dressing up like it's the prom. I would like to go to the bank tomorrow, then meet up with a friend and decide on which picture to print for my headshot. Also decide where I'm going to go to get it printed.

That's about it.

4:15 p.m.