[Sad and bummed and it's raining.]


Let me tell you what's going on with me.

I wanted to go to two general auditions in June. Waiting 3-4 days to respond was possibly too long. Unfortunately. I am still holding out hope for ******** but seeing as how the coordinator hasn't responded to me at all I'm really losing that good energetic "wow I'm making moves and taking charge of my life" feeling. It's fading really really fast.. Especially since my interview for today was just cancelled. That was everything I had going for me in the career department. The things I was putting right at the front of everything.

I have to keep going. I still need headshots done. Keep working on my monologue(s). Hopefully the interview will be rescheduled for within the next week. Keep working on improv.

I can work on painting. I can start my animation. I can work on learning different relaxation techniques. I can continue to love?

Is there a point in being angry with my friend? Not really. But I should vocalize my feelings. "I can understand if maybe there are things going on with you, but if you don't care to return my calls because the subject of the call wasn't 'important' or there being something wrong, then I don't care to call you."

I wish my boyfriend loved me all the time. You don't have to like everything about me... but the love would be nice.

10:36 a.m.